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Courses for Organizations

دورات للمنظّمات وللمؤسّسات

An innovative course for non-profits, companies, organizations, and government offices. Our unique program includes language practice with Arab employees or Arabic tutors and is designed to strengthen connections between colleagues and foster a cohesive environment that provides new opportunities for growth.   

Why should your employees learn Arabic?


For Arab beneficiaries or customers

Knowledge of Arabic will deepen your employees' understanding of the target audience and help tailor your services and products.


For Arab employees in your organization

Knowledge of Arabic will strengthen the feeling of belonging amongst current Arab employees and make your organization more attractive to future Arab employees.


Professional training with real impact 

Join the movement! Arabic has taken off in recent years as the public has begun to see its importance. Give your employees important professional training that will stay with them for years to come. 

Organizations Learning Arabic with Blend.Ar

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Hebrew University
יוצאים לשינוי.jpg
Out for Change
ORT Israel
מועצה אזורית מנשה.png
Menashe Regional Council
צוערים לשירות המדינה.png
Civil Service Cadets
ערך לדרך.jpg
 Erech Laderech Community
Mechinat Ruach Nachon
רוח נכון.jpg

Why Blend.Ar?

Blend.Ar offers Arabic language and culture competency training using a model developed in collaboration with JDC Israel and the National Insurance Funds. Our model is proven to effectively lead to language acquisition. Blend.Ar training will not only give your employees competence in Arabic language, but also to integrate and advance Arabic-speaking employees and create a team culture in which all employees feel valued and recognized.

Testimonials from Organizations:


Galit Ben Meir - جاليت بن مئير

  Director of Human Resources, Aluma 

Learning Arabic is a dream come true for me. Blend.Ar's classes were amazing and gave me a window into a whole new world. After studying with Blend.Ar, I became aware of many new things, and as the Director of Human Resources at Aluma, a very diverse organization, we are now successfully implementing new initiatives to foster connection and equality amongst our employees. Our connections with Arabic-speaking colleagues have become much stronger, and they continue to help teach us about their language and culture. Blend.Ar's lessons will continue to resonate within the organization for a long time to come. 


Amira Kabha - أميرة كبها

Director of Arab Interns Program, Aluma 

When I heard Aluma employees would start learning Arabic, I didn't realize it would impact me as much as it did. The fact that the course offers a deep understanding of Arab culture demonstrates caring, appreciation, and respect for Arabic-speaking employees. I was personally touched to see the impact on my colleagues, not just because they reached a basic level of Arabic, but because it showed me how important I am to the organization.

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