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Get to Know Blend.Ar

تعرّفوا على بلندر

Blend.Ar promotes social cohesion through language learning. We are building a new generation of Jewish-Israelis to whom Arab culture is not foreign, but rather something enriching—a generation of Jewish-Israelis who deeply understand Arabic language and culture and are able to meaningfully engage with Arab society.

So how do we promote social cohesion through our language courses?

The Blend.Ar Team

chen kupperman.jpg
Chen Kupperman
خن كوبرمان

Founder. Directs and organizes programs. Teaches Arabic language and culture. Native-level speaker of Arabic, with extensive experience working with Arab society in Israel.

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Mays Massalha
ميس مصالحة

Organizational Consultant. Performed the measurement and evaluation study of the first course. Today, she serves as Blend.Ar's organizational consultant, alongside her work on JDC's organizational planning and development team.

Gilad Heimann
جلعاد هايمن

Arabic Teacher. Teaches colloquial and formal Arabic. Directs various programs within the organization. 

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Ram Staier
رام شتاير

Tour Guide & Instructor. Coordinates cultural learning and tours for Blend.Ar.

Sewar Uthman
سوار عثمان

Arabic Teacher. Teaches Arabic language and culture at Blend.Ar. 

Itamar Vishenko
إتمار فشينكو

Alumni Coordinator. Coordinates events and activities for Blend.Ar students and alumni.

JS Newsletter_edited.jpg
Daniel Cohen
دانييل كوهين

Resource & Partnership Development Coordinator. Manages outreach to organizations and partners, develops new English resources, and assisted with translation.

Yarden Meller
ياردن ميلر

Tutor Coordinator. Organizes orientation, training, and placements of Blend.Ar's diverse tutors. 

Gilad Kumar.jpeg
Gilad Kumar
سوار عثمان

Marketing Coordinator. Graduate of Hartman High School in Jerusalem, currently studying management and entrepreneurship. Responsible for marketing, new media, and developing programs for participants and students at Blend.Ar. 

Blend.Ar's Board of Directors 

207-IMG_4633 (2).jpg
Adi Siman Tov
عادي سيمان طوف
קרין ורסמן.jpeg
Karen Wasserman
كارين واسرمان
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-31 at
Gili Swary
جيلي سواري

Advisory Committee

Meirav Hofi
ميراف حوفي

Pedagogical consultant. 30 years of experience teaching Arabic and training Arabic teachers. Creates textbooks and curricula, works as a translator, and advises organizations regarding Arabic. Supports Blend.Ar in developing curricula and training teachers. 

WhatsApp Image 2020-01-27 at
Ella Khadouri Valstra
ايلا خضوري فلسترا

Pedagogical consultant. 30 years of experience teaching Arabic, training teachers, and writing study materials about language and culture. Writes and manages the 'Safa1' program used by Blend.Ar.

Screen Shot 2020-01-06 at 16.15.44.png
Inbal Argov
عنبال ارغوف

Business development and user experience consultant. An entrepreneur, product manager, and lecturer, she was selected for Forbes 30 Under 30. Assists Blend.Ar in business consulting and user experience.

Susan Hasan
سوزان حسن

Strategic Consultant. Head of Strategy at JDC Israel. Former head of Arabic Society and Development programs at JDC-Tevet. Assists Blend.Ar as a strategy & development consultant.

So how do we promote social cohesion through language learning?

At Blend.Ar we believe Arabic can be a tool for social resilience in its deepest form. Arabic is not only the mother tongue of a fifth of Israeli society, but it is also the language of Maimonides, the heritage language of many Jews who immigrated from the Arab world, and the lingua franca of the Middle East—not to mention a rich and fascinating language. We view Arabic as a window into the diversity of Arab culture and tradition, and more importantly as an opportunity to bring the full array of Jewish society (religious and secular, Ashkenazi and Mizrachi) into meaningful interaction with their Arab neighbors.

Our organization offers a variety of programs for learning Arabic language and culture. We believe that the right way to learn Arabic and understand Arab culture is by engaging with Arab society, and therefore all our programs incorporate interaction with Arab communities.

Blend.Ar is a diverse community of students, teachers, and language tutors from many parts of Israeli society. Join us and find out more!

קידום לכידות חברתית

Partners and Supporters

קרן ירושלים.jpg
United Jerusalem Fund
Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 23.07.02.png
Abu Ghosh Local Council
Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 23.25.40.png
Tzionei Derech (Landmarks)
Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 22.59.20.png
Shutafut Foundation
Levi Lassen Foundation

Organizations Learning Arabic with Blend.Ar

האוניברסיטה העברית.jpg
Hebrew University
יוצאים לשינוי.jpg
Out for Change
ORT Israel
מועצה אזורית מנשה.png
Menashe Regional Council
צוערים לשירות המדינה.png
Civil Service Cadets
ערך לדרך.jpg
 Erech Laderech Community
Mechinat Ruach Nachon
רוח נכון.jpg

Our Partners in Abu Ghosh

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-02 at
Mr. Muhammad Jabar

Director of Abu Ghosh Community Center

WhatsApp Image 2019-06-06 at 11.30.15 (1
Mr. Ihsan Abu-Ghosh

 Director of Abu Ghosh Young Adult Center

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-03 at
Mr. Salim Jabar

 Head of Abu Ghosh Local Council

Ideas for collaboration? Contact us!

هل تريد\ين أن تتعاون\ي معنا؟ نريد أن نسمع كيف

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