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Private Tutoring

تدريب خصوصي

Individualized learning for anyone who's studied Arabic before and can hold a basic conversation in Arabic. 

What's included in the program?


Personal interaction with Arabic speakers

Personalized matching with the perfect tutor (areas of interest, age, etc.) in order to create the best environment for learning and connection. 


Learn when and where you want

Create a learning schedule that works for you!


Individualized pre-assessment

A preliminary conversation will help us craft a personalized lesson plan to suit your level.  

Why Blend.Ar?

Blend.Ar is the perfect home for advanced Arabic learners. We believe language is a muscle: to improve you have to exercise it. At Blend.Ar you'll have the opportunity to engage as much as possible with native speakers and form meaningful relationships through hands-on practice, all with the support of professional pedagogical counselors. 

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